10 Influential Characters Who Die Early

How often have you been watching a film and as you’re following the story, you see how influential the lead character is, or maybe it’s one of the supporting characters, and then BAM!, their character either dies or is killed off suddenly? I know that film makers often do that for shock value and to […]


How One Small Mental Shift Hundreds Of Years Ago Is Actually Still Screwing Us Over

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Ever notice that we tend to treat creative people as not only unimaginably talented but also as fragile and unstable? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” knows this all too well. And she’s got a few ideas about how we ought to be doing things instead. At 1:02, hear some of the hilarious (and […]


Teacher Shames Kids For Missing Class With Exam Question

We have a new contender for Teacher of the Year: Heingeniously shamedhis students with a surprise question on their quarterly exam. The question was completely unrelated to their studies. So, it could only be answered by the students who had actually made the effort to come to class. Hmm. Youre tricky, sir. After not taking […]


Feminist ‘comedian’: I’ll pay to castrate every conservative Christian male

,!/LauraLevites/status/448697657666842625 The Hobby Lobby religious freedom case before the Supreme Court is sure bunching up some liberal panties. (If that’s sexist, it’s also bunching up plaid pajamas, or whatever it is liberal men wear.)  But apparently feminist “comedian” Laura Levites has some especially bunchable panties:!/LauraLevites/status/448696178511982592!/LauraLevites/status/448709548703240192 So she has no money. Poor thing! Apparently, the whole feminist […]


Two Guys Secretly Spent The Night In IKEA, And Had A Pretty Great Time

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Two Flemish YouTubers – Bakuna Matata – have pretty much lived the ultimate dream, and spent the night in their local IKEA. Hiding in a wardrobe just as the store was about to close, they waited there for three hours (shirtless, because apparently it was hot), just to make sure that the coast was clear, […]


Dad interrogates his baby girl about who her favorite parent is

This video has been going around for the last week, but I didn’t watch it until yesterday…and I’m very glad I did. So cute and hilarious… (very mild NSFW language) [youtube] Read more:


Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Drake And Josh’ Looks Like Now

Ahhh, remember the days of, , and? I could go on for days listing amazing Nickelodeon shows like these because, let’s be honest, the notoriously orange-themed networkhad some of the best shows ever. Who could forget the ridiculous antics of Wanda and Cosmo or the hilarious debacles of our favorite conjoined cat and dog? Exactly. […]