Hilarious Conversation with a Talking Boston Terrier (Video)

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[youtube] Hilarious Conversation with a Talking Boston Terrier (Video) A Scottish man talks to a Boston Terrier and the dog seems to respond to him. His rottweiler buddy is not that interested in the conversation… via Read more:


Rapping Steve Jobs Hologram Introduces The New iPhone 5

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Talk over the new iPhone 5 has Apple fans dancing with excitement and even some analysts saying the new smart phone could help push the US economy forward.  But others are worried if the new iPhone will live up to the name of Apple without the late Steve Jobs running the company as CEO. Luckily, MondoMedia was able to […]


Ryan Reynolds’ Hilariously Honest Tweets About His Daughter Are Even Better Than Deadpool

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We’d like to say that Ryan Reynolds is simply channeling Deadpool in these deadpan tweets about his daughter, but truthfully, we think that he’s just being himself. And while he might not win any parenting awards for his string of parental observations, he certainly wins bigtime when it comes to being funny. The actor has […]


4 Lessons Every Girl Should Pick Up From ‘Broad City’

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Broad City/Comedy Central In “Broad City,” Abbi and Ilana are two best friends traversing the wonky terrain of NYC during their mid-20s. But, before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another one,” hold up. It’s easy to draw comparisons to other female-focused sitcoms, but “Broad City” is nothing like the mold set for female […]


‘BEST!’ ‘Red Eye’ fave’s #BanBossy win (Bonus: Paltrow split in one word)

, , ,!/BoyRaisin2/status/450101854462947328 Heh. Why is Gavin Mcinnes’ daughter part of the problem? And what problem? Oh, just this:!/Gavin_McInnes/status/450097941936873472 Giggling madly. Fox News “Red Eye” favorite Gavin McInnes scored with his zinger aimed at the ludicrous #BanBossy word police campaign. And this Twitter user points out a hilarious consequence of the #BanBossy absurdity.!/DavidHepworthJr/status/450110256404639744 Snicker. McInnes […]