Guy Shares Horrific Tale Of Being Caught Mid-Blowjob By His Girlfriend’s Mum

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With regards to this story, a lot of people are saying things like “this is literally my worst nightmare” and “nothing in the world is as bad as this”. I mean, yeah, it wouldn’t be great but I dare say I’d rather get caught having sex by mum than being in some kind of Saw […]


Here’s Undeniable Proof That All Children Are Secretly Evil. OK, Maybe Not… But This Is Hilarious.

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You know the phrase, “kids say the darndest things?” Well, that is certainly true. However, sometimes they can also say some of the creepiest things you’ll ever hear. Children have minds like sponges, so when they catch little ideas and phrases throughout the day, they don’t forget them. Sometimes, though, when they use them later […]