19 Times Cats Were Basically Scared Out Of Their Skin — LOL

One of my favorite insults, “scaredy cat,” is a common phrase for a reason. I love my cats, but they jump at even the slightest noise! I have been the victim of many accidental scratches at the hands (or rather, paws) of startled fur babies. My cats have nothing on these scaredy cats, though. Below, […]


Bam! Iowahawk points out ‘Schadenfreudentastic’ part of Obamacare delay!/iowahawkblog/status/352205163169193985 Bada-zing! As Twitchy reported, the implementation of Obamacare is being delayed for businesses but not for individuals. Suck it up, plebs!!/amandacarpenter/status/352218161690591232 But Iowahawk graciously pointed out that there is cause for some delicious Schadenfreude.!/iowahawkblog/status/352198876901543936 Other Twitter users point out more cause for snickering:!/baseballcrank/status/352192393954598914 Sweet, sweet justice. So, there’s that? Related: ‘Dipity […]


Throwback Thursday: Your Nanny


Your dad is working, your mom is day drinking and you’re a baby… so who the fuck is going to put on your Chanel onesie? Your third parent, your housekeeper, your underappreciated live-in… your nanny. From a young age, betches learn that their parents have mad love for them, but they aren’t about to leave […]


25 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World

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The millions of species of bugs that exist in the world today play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. Though a majority of them are harmless, some are especially good at either transmitting disease, injecting venom, or just generally being a nuisance. From bullet ants to tse tse flies these are the 25 most dangerous […]


Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Risk Of Death By 64 Percent

Good news, caffeine-lovers, there is yet more evidence touting the health benefits of coffee. New research proves (once again) that drinking coffee can reduce your risk of death from all causes. What is particularly interesting about this study is how dramatic that effect is. Research presented at last week’s European Society of Cardiology ESC Congress 2017 meeting looked at […]


Frank Rich tweets prison rape joke about former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell

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#Turnabout @frankrichny @babyberkshire Some are praying #McDonnell gets what he wanted for others. #fairplay #probe — Ima Khivar (@AntarianRani) September 05, 2014 On Thursday, former Va. Gov. Bob  McDonnell was was found guilty on 11 corruption and fraud counts. He will be sentenced in January. Former New York Times columnist Frank Rich, currently Executive Producer of the HBO […]


#Neverforget: Rob Lowe posts pic of ‘NYC college tour tradition’; Son charms!/RobLowe/status/342660913150697472 Proud papa Rob Lowe recently took his son to scope out colleges.!/RobLowe/status/343135924089151488!/Johnny_L0we/status/342864756400590848 Twitchy readers know that the actor is not only a proud papa, but a proud patriot.!/RobLowe/status/343793242292244480 Amen. There were some lighthearted moments on their trip, though.!/Johnny_L0we/status/343040593187966976 Ha! Oh, Johnny! One day you will learn that one of a […]


This Guy And His Brother Had The Most Hilarious Prank War With Creepy Dolls

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Prank wars are pretty much a rite of passage when you have siblings. Whoopee cushions were essential to my brother’s pranks as a kid, and I have to admit that his stunts were pretty hilarious. But the prank war that these siblings got into is so much funnier (and creepier) than anything my siblings could […]