Steven Crowder offers hilarious takedown of ‘My First Time’; #MoreFreeCrap!/scrowder/status/261935951775952897 All of you old white men with your old man panties in a bunch over the Obama campaign’s disturbing “My First Time” campaign spot? Comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder has the antidote: his parody video, entitled “More Free Crap.” #MoreFreeCrap needs to trend. — A. J. Delgado (@missADelgado) October 26, 2012 This […]


Everyone Hates The Dentist. But How This Boy Escaped It Is Totally Genius… And Hilarious.

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Hating the dentist is fairly common; the official term for the fear is odontophobia. For children and adults alike, the fear often stems from the anticipation of pain, needles, procedures and the unknown. You might not look twice if someone claimed to be afraid of going to the dentist. A little boy in France, however, took […]


13+ Hilarious Explanations How God Created Animals

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Picture the scenario. You’re God. You’ve just created the world and now you want some animals. So you start adding legs to bodies and heads to necks and tails to butts, but everything looks so…normal. So you decide to get creative. You make a bird talk and you call it a parrot. You stick spikes […]


Qatar? I hardly know her! One snicker sums up Qatar’s new vagina stadium [pic]!/ayshardzn/status/402684761967063040 Um. Because it is?!/JCinQC/status/401900436325945344 Gasping for breath! Actress Minnie Driver enters the mockery-mix.!/driverminnie/status/402522486975102976 Twitter users can’t get enough of it (that’s what she said).!/commentisfree/status/402780955968286720!/RanaKabbani54/status/402778202294460416 The ever-hilarious Popehat comes up with win: Qatar’s girly bits stadium summed up in one epic snicker:!/Popehat/status/402570050143387648 Bada-zing! It’s funny, because it’s true (sadly).!/JackByrom/status/402597114145828864 […]


How Students Can Live A Vegan Lifestyle On A Broke College Budget

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I’ve never been one of those people who responds to mention of a plant-based diet with, “But bacon is so good!Despite this, I was skeptical about the word vegan.” The lifestyle, the political and social connotations, and the somehow inexplicable concept of cutting out all animal products were baffling to me. When it comes to […]


Josh Brolin Shares Hilarious Thanos Post That Triggers Ryan Reynolds

This one almost slipped through the cracks on us! Looks like Josh Brolin’s really taking his role as Thanos to heart, and you better believe that that has Josh Brolin all twisted up inside.  1 Pin It Via joshbrolin 2 Pin It Via joshbrolin 3 Pin It Via joshbrolin Read more:


9 Hilarious Accessories Your Dog Doesn’t Really Need

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What were they thinking? 1 Neuticles Via: Terribley Does your dog feel like he’s missing something? According to this company website, Neuticles—that’s right, fake dog testicles—”allow your pet to retain his natural look and self-esteem, and aids in the trauma associated with altering.” OMG! 2 Bowlingual Voice Translator Via: CNET apanese toymaker Tomy has released […]