AI Attempts To Write Harry Potter And It Goes Hilariously Wrong

It is exactly 10 years, 4 months, and 23 days since the seventh and final Harry Potter book came out. To read up on the boy wizard’s latest shenanigans, you’ll have to rely on the imagination of an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. Fortunately for all you Potterheads, the team at Botnik have released a new book just in time […]


Cats Love To Hide, And We Know Where! (16 photos)

Ever gone searching for your cat? Has it taken hours and then they just appear out of nowhere and you will never know where they have been hiding? And then you get frustrated because your like “Why are you hiding in your own house!?” Well, no one knows why but some theories have said that […]


50 Hilarious Star Wars Memes In Honor Of May The Fourth

If you’re here for Infinity War memes, you’re looking in Alderaan places. 1 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 2 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 3 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 4 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 5 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 6 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 7 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 8 Pin It Via Jimlaad43 9 Pin It […]


High Levels Of Lithium In Tap Water May Cut Risk Of Dementia

A study of over 800,000 people has found that higher levels of lithium in tap water could cut the risk of dementia. Researchers in Denmark looked at the medical records of 73,731 people with dementia, and 733,653 people without it. The scientists, from the University of Copenhagen, then tested the water in 15 areas of the country for […]


Does A Pudgy Dad Bod Really Make Men Live Longer? Heres The Science

The dad bod, it seems, is in vogue. And now a new book claims that gaining weight after fatherhood makes men healthier, more attractive and more likely to live longer than their skinny counterparts. The author, Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology and deputy provost at Yale University, claims that this is likely due in part […]