PILE ON in progress as conservatives share things #MoreTrustedThanCNN


CNN’s terrible, no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day just got worse. Check out some of these hilarious #MoreTrustedThanCNN tweets from conservatives around the Twitterverse… Your wife telling you "nothing is wrong". #MoreTrustedThanCNN — Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) June 27, 2017 // Elizabeth Warren's genealogy. #MoreTrustedThanCNN — ChrisDrew (@cdpivo) June 27, 2017 // Gas station sushi. […]


Can You Survive Eating Nothing But Potatoes?

In the film The Martian, Matt Damons character, Mark Watney, is stranded on the red planet with nothing to eat but spuds. Now, a 36-year-old Australian is following the same diet, voluntarily. In an attempt to lose weight and improve his relationship with food, Andrew Taylor has decided to eat nothing but potatoes for a […]


27 airplane passengers that ruin the sky for everyone else

We’ve all seen obnoxious people on the airplane who act like they’re the only passenger on the flight. Now there’s a Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to publicly shaming those people. Passenger Shaming is a place where your least favorite passenger is probably documented. These are a few of our favorites from the painfully […]


The 22 Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts Of All Time

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The shower, along with other parts of the bathroom, is one of the only places that we visit every day where our mind can totally disconnect from the troubles and distractions around us. One’s mind begins to wander, and when it does, it can occasionally come up with brilliant shower thoughts like these. Sharing such […]


19 Strongly-Worded Notes From Very Offended People

When something doesn’t go your way, how do you react? You might take a second to meditate or count to 10. Maybe you calmly explain that you’re feeling upset and would like to find a solution to whatever the problem is. Advertisement Or maybe you write a strongly worded letter. After all, what’s more cathartic than […]


Trust Fall Prank At The Beach

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Back in the summer, Blake Grigsby went viralviral with his hilarious ‘Trust Fall’-ing Strangers Prank. But after further review, viewers can tell the prank was held at camp. Not exactly the best place to see real world reactions. Enter Ross Creations. He took the exact same prank concept, but pulled it off at the beach, yelling ‘I Trust You!’ […]