These 20 Things That Look Like Other Things. Woah, It’s Really Uncanny.

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Since the dawn of stuff, there have been things that look like other things. Not only that, but we just love pointing it out. Does that toothbrush holder look like an actual person that’s getting their eyes gouged? No? Either way, you have to admit it’s cool to see when it happens. If that’s too violent of an image for you to handle, perhaps a pelvis that looks like Pikachu is more of your speed. There’s no right way to see the wrong thing. Take a look!

1. This child’s bike seat looks like a stoned alien.

2. This toothbrush holder looks like a man getting his eyes gouged.

3. This steering wheel looks like a smiling sloth.

4. These tote bags look like Cthulhu.

5. This slipper looks like a member of Pussy Riot.

6. This mushroom looks like an angry old man.

7. This french fry looks like a duck.

8. This pelvis looks like Pikachu.

9. This house looks like someone who tried to bite into a house.

10. These shirts looks like a creep.

11. This jacket zipper looks like a piranha.

12. This USB flash drive looks like a Queen’s Guard.

13. This matchstick looks like a microphone.

14. This bird poop looks like a bird.

15. This chair looks like someone with braces.

16. This tree looks like an elephant.

17. This sliced banana looks like Caillou.

18. This coat hook looks like a drunk octopus.

19. This electrical outlet looks like someone who got into a fight.

20. This cola looks like diet cola.

(H/T themarysue) That drunk octopus needs to be stopped before it hurts another electrical outlet. Share this post using the button below.

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