When These Dogs Meet Stairs For The First Time, They Don’t Know What To Do

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For thousands of years, they have lived beside us, but when humans starting living in homes with two floors, it really threw dogs a curveball. Imagine that you’ve made it all the way up a flight of stairs, only to discover that your favorite human has moved to the bottom floor once again.

As these dogs find out in a hilarious collection of videos edited by Petcha, going downstairs is a lot harder than it looks.

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Dogs Vs. Stairs

There is something about stairs that some dogs just can’t figure out. We've compiled some hilarious clips of dogs using some "unique" methods to figure it out.

Posted by Petcha on Monday, January 18, 2016

I once had a dog that, in lieu of actually figuring out how to use the stairs, just rolled himself into a ball and bounced down all 14 steps before hitting the wall at the bottom. You have to appreciate the hustle, I guess.

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