Larry King Is Older Than These 23 Things. It’s Unbelievable.

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Oh, Larry.

He’s our favorite crotchety old radio personality. His career spans decades and his popularity has hardly ever waned. However, with great longevity comes age. Larry King is 80 years old and still kicking. Larry himself even out-ages some of the oldest inventions. Here are just a few things he is older than.

1) Velcro

2) Helicopters

3) Microwave Ovens

4) Duct Tape

5) Juke Boxes

6) LSD

7) Monopoly

8) Kevlar

9) Frisbee

10) Post It Notes

11) Ballpoint Pens

12) Hacky Sack

13) Canned Beer

14) Hula Hoops

15) Diet Soda

16) Calculators

17) Bikinis

18) Credit Cards

19) M&M’s

20) Disposable Diapers

21) Cake Mix

22) Elmer’s Glue

23) Slinky


I can’t wait until I’m 80. Then, I’ll have some snarky punk in their 20’s write an article about how old I am. Until then, FOREVER YOUNG! I WANT TO BE FOREVER YOUNG!

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