These 23 People Had Ideas That Turned Out Hilariously WRONG. #1 Really, Really Went Wrong.

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Making mistakes is part of being human. It’s important to realize when you make a mistake, that way you won’t do it again in the future. … it’s also important to notice when you make a mistake so that you don’t end up walking around and making yourself look silly. (Even though it’s hilarious for everyone else.) These people failed so hard when making these designs and signs, but no one cared to correct them. It’s hard to say what makes this so funny: the mistakes themselves, or the fact that no one is changing them. Warning: do not proceed if perverted mistakes don’t make you laugh. 😉

1.) This therapist didn’t think things through.

2.) Foresight would have helped with this “4skin” wine design.

3.) So, what are you going to use those tissues for?

4.) Placement, people. Placement.

5.) Someone may want to put his full name on his shirt.

6.) BBW means something else online. Just FYI, Bath & Bodyworks.

7.) So, WHERE did they put it?

8.) That’s old school segregation.

9.) I wonder why no one bought this…

10.) “Groupie” isn’t a picture thing, guys.

11.) LOLOL. The designer secretly hated Starbucks.

12.) It’s supposed to say Levi’s… I think.

13.) That light is playing tricks on my eyes.

14.) Oh Nana. No.

15.) Someone didn’t think this “white crayon” costume through.

16.) The internet ruins everything.

17.) Anus Communications are important.

18.) I would still buy this tote.

19.) Nice placement, Nesquik.

20.) Maybe she should have gotten 3 smaller cakes…

21.) You forgot the “&.”

22.) Guys, you might want to move that tsign.

23.) Man, I bet Catherine’s face is SO red right now.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Hindsight is 20/20, unless you fail to notice what you did wrong. Then, hindsight is blind (and your embarrassing license plate decision is still hilarious). Share these epic fails with others, click the button below!

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