What Happened When This Armed Thug Tried To Rob A Store Is Pathetically Hilarious. Wow…

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Not everything went according to plan for this aspiring criminal mastermind when he tried to rob the Bendigo Williamson Street 24 hour convenience store in the Australian city of Bendigo last Tuesday night. Equipped with the stereotypical stickup man gear of a black balaclava and a gun, the young man approached the counter and demanded cash from the store assistant, but little did he expect the clerk to not even flinch before giving him a nonchalant “No” reply.

The thief casually made his way into the store, wearing a balaclava.

Judging by the side grip he’s seen one too many Hollywood gangster movies.

But the courageous shopkeeper wasn’t having any of his shenanigans.

An ice cold “Nope” was all the would be robber was getting that evening.

“Oh well, guess I’ll just go home then…”

Foiled by the store clerk not playing along, the mystery criminal turns around and leaves the store. Probably feeling a bit embarrassed.

Must not have said please. No manners left in society these days.

After leaving the store calmly he was seen getting into the waiting passenger seat of a silver Holden Commodore parked on Hopper Street.

The video below shows the foolish wannabe criminal in action. It’s a 30 minute video but all the action takes place in the first two minutes. [youtube id=”kNHpI5Qncos” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”] NOTICE: If you have any information on this incident then police have asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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