What Exactly Were These Clothing Tags Trying To Accomplish? LOL

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Have you ever seen something ridiculous written on the tags of your clothes? Probably not, because who even bothers to look at those things? Luckily for us, these people did. In addition to not shrinking the t-shirt they just bought after wearing it once, they also found some pretty hilarious and wildly unnecessary instructions on them. Take a look!  

1.) Tasty too!

2.) That’s right, never put your clothes on a turkey–no matter how funny you think it will look.

3.) Just because it’s on a tag doesn’t mean it’s true.

4.) Just like in that movie The Things You Can’t Feed After Midnight!

5.) It’s so important to shop local.

6.) I promise to learn from your mistake.

7.) Perfect! Hate having to change the shirt I go to sleep in at midnight.

8.) Not for the person who has to pay for it

9.) Time to get some XLs and a camera.

10.) We shall see about that once a delivery guy shows up with my Chinese food 15 minutes early.

11.) Make up your mind!

12.) Did that t-shirt come with a matching fedora?

13.) Well, they’re not wrong.

14.) It’s got to be pretty tough to put a smile on the face of someone who’s bored enough to be reading clothing tags.

15.) But I love bleach!

(via eBaum’s WorldtheChive)

Couldn’t get a good pic, but the tag on my t-shirt says 100% cotton. Ha ha good one, Hanes! Now you all have a reason to start looking at your clothing tags (because normal washing directions are so boring).

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