19 Strongly-Worded Notes From Very Offended People

When something doesn’t go your way, how do you react? You might take a second to meditate or count to 10. Maybe you calmly explain that you’re feeling upset and would like to find a solution to whatever the problem is. Advertisement Or maybe you write a strongly worded letter. After all, what’s more cathartic than […]


19 People Who Got the Surprise of a Lifetime

We’ve all been on the receiving end of surprises. Some of them are good — like promotions, presents, or puppies who want to be your best friend. Advertisement Others are a little less good… Like a leaky faucet or a huge spider crawling up your leg. Here are 19 people who just got the surprise […]


IKEA Just Did Something AMAZINGLY Cool For Shelter Cats

There are a lot of jokes about assembling IKEA furniture, but it’s often worth it in the end especially if that furniture is for cats. Until recently, kitties at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario would sleep on the cold, hard floor. via: Instagram But that was before IKEA donated tendoll beds for the cats […]


Learn the Surprising REAL Names of 12 Rap Superstars

Rappers might have a knack for picking out some very memorable names, but their parents aren’t blessed with that same gift. via: The Chive You might know these music superstars by their stage names, but now learn who Aubrey, Cornell, Clifford, Corey, and Earl are, among many others! How many of these did you know? […]