Think Being Pregnant Is Bad Now?…Here’s How Terrible It USED To Be

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I am not, nor will I ever be, a pregnant woman. And while I do think there’s some truth in the idea that men can suffer from womb envy, at the same time I am very glad I will never have to go through the things pregnant women do for just shy of a year. […]


This Expectant Mom Is Dancing Her Way Through Labor And She’s An Inspiration

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In most cases, the mood in the delivery room is a bit more “get this thing out of me” and a little less “lemme dance it out real quick.” While most mothers would be begging for their epidural, this happy-go-lucky mom-to-be just wants to dance. To help set her contractions into motion, this cool momma […]


Watch This Dog’s Adorable Apology After He Steals A Baby Girl’s Toy

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“Oh s**t” moments are not just human – they are common to the entire animal kingdom. When Charlie the adorable beagle took his owner’s daughter’s toys away, she immediately protested, and he sprang into action to apologize! The way Charlie decided to fix his mistake was hilarious. He began piling toys into Laura’s baby chair, […]


This Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Sweeter Than A Can Of Cola.

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The McGillicuddys have some big news to share with everyone (and it’s not that they drink a lot of Diet Coke). They’re having a baby! … but that’s not the big surprise.  When this couple decided to tell their family, they weren’t going to send any typical reveal video. Instead, they decided to put their […]