This Hilarious Vine Explains The Real Reason Chris Christie Endorsed Trump

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After dropping out of the race last week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie surprised many with his quick endorsement ofRepublican presidential candidateDonald Trump.His endorsement seemsodd mainly because it contradicts everything Christie has said about Trump in the past, primarily that he’s “not suited to be president.” But now, there’sa Vine video that perfectly explains Chris […]


Snort! Was this Lawrence O’Donnell’s funniest act of self-parody yet?

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Lawrence O'Donnell favorably quoting Rick Santorum to attack Chris Christie. Go home, America. You're drunk. — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) January 16, 2014 What?! @CalebHowe That happened, or people claimed it happened? — Legitimate Beef (@RPFostex) January 16, 2014 Oh, it happened. Watch, read and giggle madly: Lawrence O'Donnell Favorably Features Rick Santorum Quote To Bash […]