While The World Is Fixated On Red Cups, This Girl Creates Starbucks Art

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If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the bizarre controversy that Starbucks is dealing with right now. Everyone seems to have an opinion about those red cups, but while Internet commenters are duking it out on social media, one awesome young artist is busy turning Starbucks cups into vibrant works of […]


20+ Hilariously Inappropriate Kids’ Drawings

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When you go through training to become a teacher, often you’re told to ask your students open ended, as opposed to yes or no, questions about their work. For example, instead of saying, Is that a lion riding a school bus? ask What did you draw? Answer: little junior in a canoe. You get the […]


Speaking Of Being Awesome, There’s A Guy Leaving Motivational Post It Notes In Random Places.

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Most of us look to our friends and family for words of encouragement when we’re feeling a bit down, but artist October Jones is out to give everyone the boost they need…whether they ask for it or not. Jones previously made his commute on the train more enjoyable with some clever doodles, but now he’s spreading the […]