Rapping Steve Jobs Hologram Introduces The New iPhone 5

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Talk over the new iPhone 5 has Apple fans dancing with excitement and even some analysts saying the new smart phone could help push the US economy forward.  But others are worried if the new iPhone will live up to the name of Apple without the late Steve Jobs running the company as CEO. Luckily, MondoMedia was able to […]


Apple ‘Employee’ Drops Cases Of New iPhone 5′s In Front Of Waiting Lines Prank

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As soon as the iPhone 5 was released last week, comedians quickly got to work to capitalize on the event.  AwesomenessTV made this hilarious prank where Alex Goyette dressed up as an Apple ‘Genius’ and carted around a stack of boxes that were seemingly full of new iPhone 5′s fresh off the truck in front of people waiting in […]