This Little Girl Knows Exactly What To Do If Her Brother Ever Leaves…OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing.

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Sibling rivalry is very serious business — and no one is taking it more seriously than this little girl. Unfortunately, her hilariously elaborate plans were foiled when her parents discovered the unusual to-do list in her notebook. I would probably be disturbed if I wasn’t laughing so much.   (via: Reddit) Pink carpet and hammering everything he loves. Now […]


No Matter What You Do, You’ll Never Be As Dumb As These People. LOL, Hilarious.

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The perfect crime: easy to pull off in a movie, less so in real life. Just ask Martha Stewart. But that didn’t stop these dummies from giving it there, uh, best attempt. Too bad their best is just a little…underwhelming. I seriously can’t stop laughing. How did they actually think this stuff would work?? EDIT eBaum’s World eBaum’s […]


13 Hilarious True Confessions From Moms Who Tell It Like It Is.

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Parenting can be rough. Like, really rough. There’s nothing books, friends, and your own parents can say to prepare you for every surprise in store. The ladies at Pump and Dump Comedy are here to tell you to embrace all life’s little bumps in the road, because they’re often hilarious. At a recent show, comedian Shayna Ferm […]


Mom Found Something Hilarious When Things Got Too Quiet In The House

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As any parent knows, you really need to worry if things get too quiet. After all, silence isn’t golden when the kiddos are up to no good. And what this mom found is a perfect example of that. When she made her way into the kitchen one day, she realized that her eldest daughter had […]