Magic For Dogs Part 2 Is Just As Good As Part 1

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Two weeks ago, magician Jose Ahonen exploded online with his highly entertaining Magic For Dogs video. He quickly amassed over 11 million views! Now, he’s back with another adorable and hilarious serving of magic for dogs.  The dogs may not be able to speak, but the look they make says it all.  “Where’d you put my treat you mean man?” […]


This Baboon’s Reaction To A Magic Trick Is Way Too Hilarious

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What you’re about to see is basically the best thing that has ever happened to magic. Over the past couple of months, quite a few videos of animals enjoying magic tricks have gone viral. This is one of those videos, but the clever critter in this footage achieves unprecedented levels of cuteness. When this guy […]


Floating Dollar Prank In The Hood

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Prankster and magician hybrid MagicofRahat goes around town pranking people with his magic tricks and records their hilarious reactions for YouTube. This time he went to the ‘hood’ and asked people for directions while pulling off the classic floating dollar trick. The people’s reactions are priceless.    [youtube] Thanks Justin!! Read more:


Magic Convenient Store Clerk

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For last year’s Easter holiday, the Tonight Show On NBC hired the hilarious, and very talented, magic clerk, AKA Michael Carbonaro, to wow and stupefy customers at a convenient store.  He changes his costume in front of a guest, turns an Easter egg toy into a live chick, and more. Now, the year old video is trending again as Easter 2013 approaches.  […]


David Blaine Street Magic Part 4

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David Blaine Street Magic is a classic YouTube series of a hilarious parody of magician David Blaine going around town performing tricks on strangers. After every trick ‘David Blaine’ makes the classic David Blaine style stare, and he’s spot on. The accentuated reactions and facial expressions of the ‘strangers’ are priceless, and really make this highly […]


Weird Al Yankovic Performs Simple Magic Floating Orb Trick

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Musician Weird Al Yankovic is well known for his hilarious pop music parodies. But now he’s dabbling in the realm of magic. This silly magic trick video in which Weird Al mysteriously makes an orb float has instantly gone viral. Of course, the trick doesn’t seem so magical once viewers see how it is done.    [youtube] Read more: