Tilikum, SeaWorlds “Blackfish” Orca, May Be Terminally Ill

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Tilikum, the killer whalethatfeatured in thedocumentary “Blackfish,” is currently suffering from a bacterial lung infection thatveterinarians at SeaWorld fear may kill him. In a video posted on the parks blog, staff vet Scott Gearhart explained that the orca has what we believe to be a respiratory condition that is very difficult to treat, adding that […]


Cunning Orcas Seen Ambushing And Headbutting Dolphins In Patagonia

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Killer whales (Orcinus Orca) are well known for their ingenious hunting techniques, which range from generating artificial waves in order to knock seals off ice floes to deliberately beaching themselves in order to catch coastal sea lions. However, orcas in the waters off Patagonia appear to have now raised the sneakiness stakes, after researchers observed […]