10 Times Tumblr Hit The Nail On The Head When It Comes To Harry Potter

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If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then Tumblr is a good place to be. Filled with hilarious little insights, pretty convincing fan theories and observations that you just might not have thought of, you will never get bored. Here are ten times that Tumblr users really hit the nail on the head. 1. The best […]


There Are A Lot Of Ads Of Women Laughing Alone While Eating Salads (Photos)

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Tumblr Let’s be real: Salad isn’t the most exciting food to eat. That’s not to say it can’t be good, but the idea of a salad is typically reserved for the health-conscious and diet-driven — and even the best salad can’t hold a candle to the joy that is a juicy, fatty cheeseburger. It seems like […]


Simpsons Animator Liz Climo Creates Incredibly Cute Animal Comics on Tumblr

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Elizabeth Climo, or simply Liz Climo, is a talented young animator currently working with the everlasting The Simpsons TV-show. When her day job ends, however, she still has enough time, creative energy and inspiration to create adorable and witty comics that present various animals in amusing everyday interactions. [Read more…] After finishing her work as […]


Finally, Someone Says What We’re All Thinking. If Only Companies Could Be This Honest With Us!

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Everyone knows that companies lie to us about their products ALL THE TIME. They can’t all be the best in the biz, but they’ll say just about anything to convince us that they are… and yeah, sometimes we can be pretty gullible. But over on Tumblr, this blog has tapped into the truth behind these products with some hilarious new “Honest […]